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The Lord of the Rings (poster)

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Tolkien books and collectibles - postersPoster.
Illustration by Jimmy Cauty.
Athena International London 1976

Tolkien books and collectibles - posters


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17 Responses to “The Lord of the Rings (poster)”

  1. Jarno says:


    I just purchased this poster from a collector. It’s the same poster, from Athena International, London, 1976 by Jimmy Cauton and printed in England, number 20/6560 from Allen & Unwin LTD. Do you know how many worth this poster is? You can e-mail me if you can say that. Thanks a lot.

    • Linda says:

      In 1978 I purchased this poster, it is burnt around the edges and has been varnished onto a wood frame, I am interested if it was made like this or did someone do this and resold it, and of course is there any value. I love this piece and get alot of comments on it. Any info wood be great everything I can find says the one I have came out it the late 80′s but I got this one 78 or 79 (it is a funny story how I came across it )
      Thank you

  2. David Kaiser says:

    I have a folding greeting card with the J. Cauty poster/image on the front, that my sister sent to me from London back in 1981 (I had the same poster, but it is long gone). I have searched and only found the poster. Do you know if any of these greeting cards still exist? It was from Athena International, London, Printed in England, No. 756560. Thanks, David

  3. Daniele Corbetta says:

    Hi, I’m Daniele and live in Venice (Italy). I’ve a poster like this that I love.It’s original of Athena International (London)- 1976 and it’s numerate: 30/6560. It is identic at your one and it’s the first time that i see one in all this year.Do you thnk that it can have also an economic value. I don’t want absolutely to sell it, but I’m interested to give more information to this particular work of Jimmy Cauty.
    Thank you.

  4. leeanne says:

    hey, I have this poster on a wooden plaque measuring 12″x8″. Is it worth anything? it has Athena International sticker on the back…:)

  5. Max Bantleman says:

    Hi there,
    I’ve heard that Jimmy Cauty also did a ‘Hobbit’ poster, I don’t suppose you know if this is true, or if you’ve seen / got an image?
    I’m intrigued :)

  6. diego says:

    hi, I have one of these prints on a wooden panel, the rear is a label that says the name of the artist Jimmy Cauty, but it has value?

  7. Abbie-Mae says:

    is it 4 sale by any chance because my dad has 1 like it but it is worn out and i want a new 1 ty xx and how mutch would it be ty agen

  8. Jon Merriott says:

    I’ve got the poster and it seems I’m lucky to have it! I’ve had a check around the net and found that All-posters have a few smaller ones that are reasonably priced but the large ones go for a couple of hundred pounds. Can’t find the Hobbit one at all so I suspect that would be stupid money. Cauty did these when he was only 17 and also did the cover for an LP of ‘The king of Elflands Daughter’ which featured Christopher Lee narating parts of the text. Cauty went on to help found the KLF which took the UK music scene by storm before him and his partner burnt all their money to show their disdane for the industry. He now seems to have gone back to making visual art.

  9. Brian says:

    I have a a 33″x 22″ picture of the Jimmy Cauty lord of the rings, that seems to be stuck on a dark wood or hardboard backing 3/8″ thick and coated with some sort of protective finish. I have had it for over 20years I do not know if it is a print or a poster can anyone advise and is it of any value? not that I would sell it but I have not put it on my insurance as when I bought it all that time ago it was first reduced to £56 and then further to £28 which is what I paid for it.

  10. Peter says:

    I had this poster full size, wooden back with a diamond in the staff. I loaned it to Brian G, Portland Oregon, almost 20 years ago. Does anyone have any information that would lead me back to my poster

  11. Mike says:

    Hey Peter,
    Best of luck - maybe someone will see your note here and can persuade Brian G to do the decent thing…

  12. Liddy says:

    I have a mounted close up of just gandalf and the hobbit. 13/19. I’ve been trying to find out more about this print but can’t seem to get anywhere on the web. Any help/information?

  13. bolipex says:

    Hi, I have this poster and a similar one for sale at the moment on ebay UK. The auction ends sun16th. Perhaps you guys might want to take a look :)

  14. Dangus Sly says:


    I definitely have your poster. I live in portland and found exactly what you’re talking about on the street. It’s the cauty poster and it has a wooden back and a jewel in the right hand.

    not sure i’m ready to give it back but, yeah, thought you should know.

    LOTR enthusiast #1 x10 4ever

  15. Cheyenne says:

    What would one of these be worth

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