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Smaug Over Minas Morgul

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Tolkien books and collectibles - postersTitle : Smaug Over Minas Morgul
Illustration by Jim Hammerud.
Big O Publishing 1979.

(NOTE: I’ve updated this page after seeing the comment from ‘G’ below)

I had this poster up on my wall when I was a kid. I bought it, naturally enough, because it had Smaug the dragon on it, but there was always a part of me that wondered - why was Smaug flying over Minas Morgul..?

I’ll admit, I did wonder if it wasn’t Smaug at all, but was any old dragon flying around any old castle and the poster people had just given it a Tolkien-inspired title just to sucker in Hobbit fans like me.

Well - according to ‘G’ below, closely related to the artist himself, it definitely IS Smaug the Magnificent - and that’s good enough for me. I feel a bit guilty for having doubted all these years.

Go Smaug, go!

Tolkien books and collectibles - posters


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6 Responses to “Smaug Over Minas Morgul”

  1. Joshua Lee says:

    …to give you a short background story…I own a clock that my parents bought the year I was born at a head shop. This particular piece of artwork is probably 4X3′ in diameter and features one of your works entitled “From Stormy Waters To Weary Skies”. I’ve loved this painting for as long as I remember but, unfortunately, I absolutely cannot find a copy of it to show to those not “in the know”. If you could get back to me with a link to this painting it would be greatly appreciated. However, if you wanna send me a print and charge me for it that’ll work as well. Bottom line is I LOVE that painting and would love nothing more than to show it off to some good people who may not ever get a chance to see it. My email is turbocoma at yahoo dot com and my # is 642=903-1682. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing back from you!
    -Joshua Lee

  2. Mike says:

    Hmm… sorry Joshua I’m not sure I can help you - this is a poster that I’ve got - but I’m not the artist. As far as I can tell it’s by a guy called Jim Hammerud and was published by Big O Publishing in 1979. I’ve done a quick Google on the painting you mention, but no luck I’m afraid. Good luck with your search.

  3. david says:

    Hi I believe this painting was done by Jim Hammerud, He lived in San Mateo Calif. He is about 57 years old.

  4. Susan says:

    I have a print by Jim Hammerud. It is a fantasy castle in the woods. My brother says he bought it from the artist who told him that is was a fairy castle located near Booneville, CA. It is 20″X28″ signed and numbered 2-85. It is nicely framed. I would love to know if it is worth anything. Thanks

  5. G says:

    any questions about jim hammerud can be answered through me. he is my immediate family.
    i think the print susan is talking about is emerald forest. i remember watching him paint that. it was not based on a castle or fairy from anywhere. it was just an idea put to canvas.
    jim was originally setup to work with george lucas for star wars but that fell through after he missed lunch with GL. jim is From San mateo, Ca, shoreview area.
    as far as the poster being worth anything. yes it is. and it also depends on the poster print, and the paper quality. we had different quality posters. I think BIG O publishing ripped him off also on the business end, it was either them or milk and honey. they also messed up a lot of the posters ( magenta tint was 5-15% over original, but was left to add a fantasy feel.Jim has always been a HUGE sci phi fan, artist, and great person with a very unique personality.he’s TOO painting you see here was done by jim hammerud, and it was based on the hobbit story. it was made with smaug in mind.Jim’s brother, a scholar and teacher with 4 doctorate degrees always had thousands of books in the house growing up.sci-phi books were no exception. i remember reading the stories of the hobbit’s when i was in elementary school surrounded by a huge room filled from floor to ceiling with books.literally.and that was just one this poster is getting hard to find, and should be kept in great condition.not sure how many big o still has.
    if anyone has questions regarding Jim or his work, you can find him on facebook or ask me.

    • G says:

      small update…i remember calling the poster susan is talking about EMERALD forest when i was young, before it was officially named forest dwelling. NOT many of those posters were given out /sold. i dont think all 85 signed posters were able to get out either so if you got one, consider yourself lucky:) especially the signed and numbered one’s.Jim’s artwork is rare and not easy to find, especially his romox artwork collection for the romox video games back in the early 80′s.
      Im listing A Forest Dwelling poster On ebay today for a week. cant get them anywhere but through me.
      Im only listing one, but if i get a request for one, i might put another up there.
      IF your interested, go check it out!

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