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Bilbo’s Last Song

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Bilbo's Last Song (poster)Beautiful poster of the poem ‘Bilbo’s Last Song’ illustrated by Pauline Baynes. Later released in book form in 1990.

Title: Bilbo’s Last Song
Published by: George Allen and Unwin
Year of Publication : 1975
Edition: 1st ed. 4th imp.

Bilbo's Last Song (poster)


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8 Responses to “Bilbo’s Last Song”

  1. sarah says:

    How much are you looking for for this poster?

  2. John says:

    Have you sold “Bilbo’s Last Song” poster yet? If not, what price are you asking for it?

  3. matt goodwin says:

    hi, i am after purchasing a copy of this poster. do you have any to sale or any idea where i could find a copy of it? any help is gratefully recieved. thanks


  4. Joshua Pettitt says:

    I’m curious as to whether or not you still possess this poster and wondering if you are willing to part with it?Please notify me either way if possible,Thank you.

  5. Jean Greenway says:

    re: Poster of Bilbo’s Last Song

    Hi, how can I get a copy of this poster please? I owned a copy about 25 years ago which sadly fell to pieces and I would love to get hold of another copy.
    Jean Greenway

  6. peter cox says:

    was wondering how much the poster is thankyou

  7. Angela Riddell says:

    Hi, please can you tell me if this Bilbos Last Song poster is for sale or where I can get one? Trying to replace one from my childhood. Many thanks

  8. CA Sillars says:

    have a copy of poster of Bilbo’s last song given to me by Joy Hill - is for sale

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