The Hobbit - Set of 36 Color Cards

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Tolkien books and collectibles - cards, postcardsThe Hobbit - Set of 36 Color Cards
Illustrations by David Wenzel from the Hobbit comic book adaptation

Tolkien books and collectibles - cards, postcards


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3 Responses to “The Hobbit - Set of 36 Color Cards”

  1. David Emmons says:

    I have a set of these 36 Hobbit Cards illustrated by David Wenzel. Are they worth anything? Thank you.

  2. Mike says:

    Not sure. I doubt they’d be worth a great deal though. I’ve had a quick sniff around on Google and I can’t find any for sale anywhere. It’s basically only worth what someone’s prepared to pay for them. Personally, I’d hang on to them until “The Hobbit movie” arrives and then pop them on eBay!

  3. Morris says:

    I think they are Worth Quite a Bit if your Set comes with an Original Hand Drawn David Wenzel Sketch Card.
    The Set i have there is a Troll Sketch Card with it.

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