Frequently Asked Questions -

‘Do you do valuations..?’

I’m afraid not. I’m not a dealer, just a former (avid) collector.

If you have an item in mind then I’d suggest having a look on eBay and seeing what kind of prices they’re fetching. If you know the ISBN number then try putting just that in the search box and ticking the ‘titles and descriptions’ box - some sellers are good enough to include that kind of detail.

Search the ‘completed items’ listings so you can be sure that the item actually sold. There’s loads of ridiculously (or optimistically) priced books listed over and over, and they just never sell. Also, be sure you are honest about the actual condition of your book - a tatty copy is naturally worth a tiny fraction of a good one.

Or look on abebooks and check out some asking prices.

‘Are items in your collection for sale?’

Most items in my collection have some sentimental value, and some items in particular I would absolutely never, ever part with.

But if you are truly desperate to get your hands on something then feel free to make me an offer.

But if you don’t make me an offer, then I probably won’t even reply, so please don’t be offended if you don’t hear back.

Likewise, I promise not be offended if your offer is too low.

Sorry if that sounds very rude, but this is just a hobby for me and I honestly don’t have time to reply to everyone who wants to get their hands on the few choice items in my collection for a couple of quid.

Where can I get this Tolkien-style font?

The font that is used for headings here is called ‘Tolkienesque Regular’. Click the link Tolkien Fonts to find out more.

‘I emailed / left a comment and you haven’t replied’

I’m sorry, but either I’ve been too busy to check for messages, or more likely, too busy to reply.

‘Do you mind if I leave a comment anyway?’

No, I don’t mind at all. Feel free to post a message or a question. If I can help, and have the time, I will. In any event, it’s nice to see who’s passing through…

‘Where else can I look for Tolkien-related items..?’

There are loads of other sites out there.
Here are some links for you to try:

‘Can I have my own link added to your list’

Of course.
Drop me a line, and if it’s appropriate we can do a swap.