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An Hobad - The Hobbit in Irish. The Hobbit As GaeilgeThis is the first Irish edition of the Hobbit published in 2012. It includes the full text translated into Irish, and all of Tolkien’s maps and pictures. An especially nice job has been done rendering all the maps and text on the the illustrations as gaeilge

The book begins like this :

I bpoll sa talamh a bhí cónaí ar hobad. Níor pholl gránna, salach, fliuch é, lán le giotaí de phéisteanna agus le boladh láibe. Níor pholl tirim, lom, gainmheach a bhí ann ach an oiread, gan aon rud ann le n-ithe ná le suí síos air; poll hobaid ab ea é agus is ionann sin agus compared.

Title: An Hobad
Subtitle: nó Anonn agus Ar Ais Arís
Author: JRR Tolkien
Translator: Nicholas Williams
Published by: Evertype
Year of Publication : 2012
Edition: 1st ed. 1st imp.
ISBN: ISBN 978-1-904808-90-9

An Hobad - The Hobbit in Irish. The Hobbit As Gaeilge

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