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The Hobbit Official Movie Guide

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The Hobbit Movie GuideAnother great movie guide by Brian Sibley and right up there with his Lord of the Rings movie books.

I searched (briefly) to see if this book was available as a Limited Edition Collector’s Hardback, like the ‘Rings’ guides, but couldn’t seem to find any mention of a hardback version anywhere.

Anyway, this is a great ‘behind-the-scenes’ look at the first Hobbit movie and has sections on the actors, locations, costumes, make-up, weapons as well as a little history of the Hobbit (book) and a summary of the events and delays leading up to the making of the movies.

I imagine there’s plenty of fans who have already bought this purely to get a sneak peek at aspects of the movie before it comes out, but once again, Sibley has quite skillfully whetted the appetite without giving too much away. Having said that, there’s more than enough detail for this to still be well-browsed after the movie comes out!

And of course there’s a great close-up shot of Sir Ian on the cover, back in ‘Gandalf the Grey’ mode.

Title: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Official Movie Guide
Author: Brian Sibley
Published by: Harper Collins
Year of Publication : 2012
Edition: 1st ed 1st imp

The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey Official Movie Guide

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